"Greetings for New Year's Day in Reiwa 3rd Year" Nakazawa hotoku


We would like to express our sincere congratulations on the new year of the third year of Reiwa (2021).

I am grateful to be able to share with you the greetings to Oo-Kami (the great god) at the beginning of the year. It seems that each of us has renewed our ambitions to receive the protection of Kami this year.

What kind of year was last year for you? This real world is inextricably linked to our origin, the spiritual world. Therefore, we can hone ourselves by knowing the flow of the universe.

By feeling the atmosphere of this year, everyone on this earth can know the right direction to show what they should be.

Eastern thought says that words and letters have "heavenly will". Last year's zodiac sign was Yang Metal Rat, which shows signs of new life and represents action and wealth. Last year, a keen technical and artistic talent was discovered, while the world was in a turmoil. New things that will lead to the future will appear one after another. I said so here a year ago.

Covid 19 spread worldwide, the first to spread in Wuhan, Hubei, China. By doing so, it seems that the experience and wisdom of human beings, nations, and individuals are being put to good use, and new ways of survival and new values ​​are beginning to appear. People all over the world have begun to value their satisfaction and enjoyment, not their possession or external evaluation.

The US presidential election, which takes place every four years, was held last year. There are violations of the United States Constitution in the state government's voting process, including the use of simpler postal voting against Covid 19. There have also been many voting frauds. I think it's a sign of a new stage.

In the Kisei match (Japanese chess), Souta Fujii defeated Akira Watanabe and took the title. He is 17 years and 11 months old, which is the youngest record of coronation.

The asteroid explorer "Hayabusa2" was launched in 2014 and landed on the near-Earth asteroid "Ryugu". The capsule was recovered in December last year.

The Japanese supercomputer "Fugaku" ranked first in four categories including the TOP500 last year, and became the world's first four-crown for the second consecutive term.

Such talents and technologies not only attract attention, but also open up the next era.

As for our association, there are some people who may not be able to visit us due to the influence of Covid 19. On the other hand, there are many people who come to find us on the Internet. At the end of last year, we prepared a lot of amulets to prevent cancer, and many people asked for them.

Two years ago, we received a proposal for a new curtain for the shrine on the first floor, and in April of last year we showed it to everyone.

The scene of the banquet of "Ako Yume Monogatari" dealing with Forty-seven rōnin in December was filmed at this training hall. It's my movie debut. It will be released this spring.

About two years after I was asked to publish a book on meditation, the manuscript was almost complete. However, last year's Covid 19 uproar stagnated my work. Finally, this spring, "Meditation method to multiply your performance ten times" will be published. I am grateful to everyone who has already booked the book. Also, anyone can purchase it on Amazon.

It seems that such a change in the situation of the Shuseikai has already prepared a new stage spiritually.

This year is Kanoto-Ushi in the calendar.

"Kanoto" is in a state of withering plants at the end of autumn in terms of season, and the fruits are rotten and fall to the ground, and the next generation seeds are being returned to the ground. In the Ying-Yang Wuxing idea, Kanoto means meditating, anxious, slow decline, and a painful end.

"Ushi" is a hieroglyph that expresses how you bend your fingers to hold an object, meaning to grab or entangle. It is said that the buds do not grow completely inside the seeds.

Various symbols are included in the calendar. Kanoto-Ushi's nayin is "soil on the wall". This means the soil painted on the wall, and points to a steady, solid and immovable spiritual power.

This year is "sisyuku", which indicates that it is a frustrating year.

From these, this year, while worried and declining, on the other hand, there is a breath of new life. To make the most of it, you need a solid and strong mental power.

Let's look back on the same zodiac, 60 years ago, that is, 1958.

In March, "Einin no tsubo", a pottery jar, turned out to be a fake. It was canceled as an important cultural property. However, the person who made it gained fame that he could make an important cultural property-class work.

In October, the Communist Party of the Soviet Union resolved to remove Stalin's body from Moscow's Red Square.

Sanyuu-jiken is a coup plan to assassinate Prime Minister Ikeda and others, which was discovered in December, and the former military personnel were first applied to the conspiracy to murder for political purposes, and eight people were convicted.

In this way, the heavenly sign of that year affects the earth, and the heritage up to that point is being sorted out, leading to a new era.

From the air that fills the earth, we can estimate what kind of year this year will be for you and for the Shuseikai.

Our daily lives tend to be selfish. So prayer is necessary to regain our own perfection.

Everyone under Genshi-oo-Kami has Kami's great care and the role that Kami has entrusted to him. We thank Kami for his efforts and wish you all the best.

I pray from the bottom of my heart that you will be able to spend a healthy and happy life with the protection of Kami in the new year.

New Year's Day 3rd year of Reiwa

The chief shinto priest
Nakazawa hotoku


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